"Ghignone & Company" is an Italian Company leading in plexiglass face-covers for watches.

Mr Pietro Ghignone, watch-repair person - founded the society in 1938.

The difficulties encountered, mainly because of the lack of resources due to the world-war, allowed Mr Pietro Ghignone to show his ability and artisan skills. His outstanding genius lead him to recuperate the plexiglass from the covers of cockpits of the war airplanes. He warmed the material up and reduced the thickness, cutting it manually and literally with some slice-machines, polishing and working it according to the necessities.

In 1972, his son Umberto succeeded his father Pietro Ghignone and in 1980 he lead the company to be one among the national leaders in the area of face-cover for watches. In the same years the company moved to the production of quartz, a much more noble material and much more requested on the market.

In 1985, there is a reorganisation of the company and besides the classical production, a new division in opened. It develops projects and produces small machines to work glass for watches and deals with the repairing of the watches, specifically defined for labs and watch shops.